Yesterday I had planned to spend the day working. My day was all mapped out and I knew exactly what I would be doing when. I like to be organised and in control. Oh yes. There is little room for spontaneity or changes of plan.

My very focused day of work happened to coincide with an injured husband who, overnight, needed help to get out into the mountains for a work related field trip. I could have told him he’d have to cancel the trip…or suggested he start calling taxi companies. I could have stuck to my work plans and insisted I simply couldn’t leave my desk. I decided to embrace the freedom that the lifestyle I’ve chosen offers and take the day off. Somehow, the work would get done.  I spent the day driving around the Wicklow mountains, on a glorious May day.

I took in the fresh air, incredible views and silence out there in the wilderness. I decided to earth myself into something other than my desk and embrace whatever the spontaneous change of scenery offered me.

20160504_125927My day in the hills yesterday certainly gave me space for some unstructured reflection. Even though I felt the pressure to get back to work I knew the benefits would show themselves at some stage. This morning I had a conversation with my husband that I didn’t realise I needed to have. I wanted to rethink a decision, one we had already made, but still didn’t sit right with me. Spending that time outside gave me the space to recognise what was needed. I’m not sure I would ever have noticed what that was if I had spent the day hunched perfectly poised over my computer.

Are you struggling with something right now? Is there a tightness or resistance in your body that you can’t identify? Are you trying to make a decision and getting nowhere?

Change the scenery. You might not have access to the Wicklow mountains (lucky me!) but surely there is a beach, or a park or a garden or field somewhere that you could go, for a walk, for a picnic for a conversation?

Go somewhere you haven’t been before. Change the scenery and see what moves for you.

P.S. The title of this blog is a quote by the wonderful writer, Joseph Campbell.