I have a cold.

My head hurts. My throat feels like there’s a golf ball wedged right by my vocal chords. My ears ache. I have a cough that would wake the dead.

It’s rare that I get sick. In fact, I’m reassured by the occasional cough or snotty nose. It tells me my immune system is capable of responding to an infection of some kind and is cleaning house. The symptoms I’m feeling are as a result of my immune system doing it’s work and I’m ok with that.

Winter is over, here in Ireland, but early Spring is prime time for coughs and colds. Getting sick isn’t just about exposure to germs, it’s about your ability to respond appropriately. If a cold arrives while you’re in the middle of fertility treatment, it can be really challenging to know how to handle it. What drugs can you take? Which teas or herbs? Which supplements? Does anyone know?

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The 7 surprising, natural ways to kick a cold.
  1. Take time off. Yes, I know. You can’t. The world will fall apart and you will be held personally responsible. If you’re really honest with yourself, you know that’s not true. Years ago, taking a day off to stay in bed was common practice. These days, we seem to think we have to push through the pain and get the job done – while infecting our workmates and dragging out our recovery. One sick day will help you recover faster and actually helps to prevent a recurrence of that pesky cold. Go to bed.
  2. Supplement with probiotics. Even during fertility treatment and early pregnancy, probiotics are quite safe. These little capsules of healthy bacteria feed the good guys in your gut and give your immune system a kick.
  3. Avoid over the counter painkillers and cold and flu remedies. Many of the ingredients in these drugs cause issues with gut health, deplete magnesium and seem to interfere with hormone balance, progesterone levels particularly and ovulation. If you are working on balancing hormones and optimising your fertility, consider cutting these drugs out.
  4. Avoid dairy products & sugar – including those that claim to support your immune system! Pretty much any kind of dairy food (milk, yoghurt, cheese) increases mucus production. This will make congestion in your sinuses and chest worse and prolong your cold. I’m not suggesting you cut it out forever, just for the period that you’re feeling unwell. Sugar has an immediate effect on your immune response, slowing it down dramatically. So cut out all added sugar to give your immune system the best chance possible.
  5. Eat clean! It might seem that you can’t afford to eat organic. Getting sick, missing work, doctors’ fees and medications are expensive too, so consider how you really want to spend your money. Pesticides and chemicals feed unhealthy bacteria and kill off the good guys, suppressing our immune response.
  6. Drink plenty of filtered water and herbal teas. Staying hydrated is essential for your immune and detoxification systems to function properly. Your kidneys, gut and liver are working hard to eliminate toxins, so help your body out. Many herbs are not recommended during fertility treatment and early pregnancy, so stick with peppermint, nettle & chamomile tea. All are safe during fertility treatment and early pregnancy and can help to soothe and hydrate.
  7. Watch this quick video where I share my favourite comforting hot drink when you have a cold!

I want to hear from you!

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Secondly: Which of the above 7 tips will you incorporate into your healthier life?

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