If you’re new to fertility investigations and treatment, or even if you’ve earned a few grey hairs from the process already, preparing for a round of treatment can feel like a minefield.

How do you decide what to eat?

Who do you listen to, when deciding which supplements will really help?

Should you have acupuncture, or is reiki really the cat’s pyjamas?

How the heck do you have the tough conversations with your partner?

Which online group is the best place to be?

When I first started on my own fertility journey, I hadn’t a clue! The terminology, drugs, procedures…all ensured a steep learning curve. My background in nutritional therapy meant I understood how the body worked and I was very comfortable with how a woman’s menstrual cycle could be supported with food and lifestyle choices. But this! This world of fertility treatment was another game altogether!

I felt overwhelmed, lonely and exhausted from the research. It felt like a second job.

I felt voiceless with the first clinic we attended – my own wisdom about my body counted for nothing. I was spoken to like an idiot and given conflicting information on numerous occasions. It took me quite a while to voice my concerns and move clinic, like this process wasn’t stressful enough!

I really wanted to share what was happening with those closest to me, but I didn’t always feel safe and desperately wanted it to be different. Even though my girlfriends and family wanted the best for me, they didn’t ‘get it’ They couldn’t! I felt defensive about the choices we were making and I was too exhausted to explain the process, AGAIN to someone new.

I had always had faith in my body and my ability to do whatever I wanted, suddenly the rug had been pulled out from under me and I was flailing. I thought long and hard about how I wanted this journey to be, for me and for my husband. It wasn’t this. It wasn’t exhaustion, confusion, stress and worry. I felt so strongly that it didn’t have to be that way. I imagined myself 10 years on, looking back on the journey I had been on and I determined to take charge. I wanted to THRIVE, no matter the outcome.

The Fertility Companion is the programme I created for the experience I was having and knew countless other women were having too. It was as much for me as any of my clients and it helped me to process what I was feeling, to make empowered choices and to trust my body again. It also enabled me to work in partnership with the medical team we chose to place our trust in, rather than feeling like an idiot with every appointment.

If this resonates for you, if you are flailing a bit and feel the need for some support in preparing for whatever lies ahead, pop over to my Free Stuff page and register for my “Free Guide to Preparing for Treatment”. It’s a great place to start and will offer you some much needed comfort and clarity on where to focus your attention.

I also invite you to join my FREE Private Circle on Facebook, which offers a safe space to share, ask questions, rant, celebrate & grieve without judgement or criticism. It offers whatever you need whenever you need it. We all need somewhere we feel safe and I ensure this Private Circle is that for you.

The Fertility Companion programme will open for registration on February 1st. This unique online programme offers personal, tailored support  to help you take charge of your fertility journey. It might feel like a second job right now, but it doesn’t have to.

You deserve to thrive on your journey, to heal your body, regain your energy, build resilience and reignite your inner wisdom. You can trust your body again. You are FERTILE.

With so much love,