My first post in many, many months. I pause before I start typing, wondering how to condense the last year and a half into a few lines. I can’t of course.

So much has changed. I am not the woman I was last March, 2017…when I sat with my husband in the fertility clinic & shared our decision with staff to step away from more treatment.  I am not the same woman who felt numb with shock & grief, as I realised I would never have my own babe in arms. I am not the same woman who built The Fertility Companion, full of hope & energy & creativity.

The creative spark is still there…through the deepest grief & pain, that has survived. I’m still that woman…bruised & a bit shaken, persisting nevertheless.

I made a decision last week. To start writing again. I miss shaping words into these paragraphs. I miss connecting with people who perhaps understand some of what I’ve been through. I miss creating. So, just because I bloody well want to, I’m going to write…about the last few years, about being a woman without kids in Ireland…about growing up, about choosing to thrive when everything goes to shit. It should be interesting.