It’s over 8 months since I wrote anything here.

I could claim buying a new house with my husband (yippee) distracted me. It did. I was verra distracted. Is that the reason though? I feel kind of ashamed. Where does the shame come from? Probably a learning from my childhood – Get it right, every time, or you’ve failed.


Here I am though. Back in writing mode. Telling the shame to go sit in the corner.


I’m not sure why I’ve come back, maybe by the time I’ve come to the end of this blog I’ll have figured it out. Maybe because I miss it. Because it’s good for my heart and my brain…  It would seem it’s good for some of you too. I had an urge this week to check emails received via this website. They go to an address I don’t use much. There were, ahem…quite a few. Every single one of them thanked me for writing, for all kinds of reasons. One from a gorgeous woman who has a 6 year old, was having a tough night and stumbled across my blog.


Reading it gave her some perspective, she said.


There were more. They made me smile and cry and wonder if, maybe, this quiet little hobby of mine is worth continuing. Maybe not just for me, but for others too?

I’m coming to the end of one whole year working with the wisdom of The Celtic Wheel with a woman I’m honoured to call my friend & teacher. Mari Kennedy has led me and over 60 other women through the turning of the year, bringing the wisdom of the Celts, contemporary evolutionary wisdom and the intuitive wisdom we all hold together to help us live in the world as sovereign, strong women.


My heart has been blown open by this work.


In the last year I have taken strides I never imagined for myself. I have set boundaries & asked for what I needed. I have learned to celebrate myself, live with and hold joy, find stability between the many energies and forces that pull and shove. I have owned my gifts and sworn to bring those gifts into the world.

I feel beyond honoured to have worked with Mari. Equally, I feel honoured to have sat in circle with incredible women from around the world. We have held each other up, we have listened, we have held space for each other, we have learned together. We have celebrated each other.

I have been searching for this kind of community for a long time now. I wanted Church, but without the religion I grew up with. This is it for me. Church, with a bunch of wise, wonderful, bright diamonds.  My heart is bursting with gratitude to all of those women for sharing the journey with me.


Ah…I almost snorted my tea out through my nose.


I just realised…now I know why I’m here, writing this blog post. It is to stay true to my vow. To bring my gifts into the world. To share what I have, even if it feels like it’s not very much, or enough. Maybe it is. Maybe it is enough, Go Leor, PLENTY.



If you’re curious and want to find out more about The Celtic Wheel, check out Mari’s website. Her Celtic Wheel programme opens for registration just once a year, because everything starts in the darkness…and the new turn of the Wheel starts at the end of this month. She’s one of the great teachers of our time and with that wisdom brings all of her humanity, compassion and truth. She’s helping to change the world, one woman at a time. Just like me.