Have anxiety and stress always been a feature in your internal world? Is your experience of fertility struggles making it even harder to stay grounded and feel strong?

Or is your nature to be a fairly light hearted, easy going gal? Maybe that’s changed for you in the last few months or years, as you try to find your way through this new and confusing territory, filled with late night research, medics, test results, drugs and statistics.

The first time I experienced anxiety was during my 3rd round of fertility treatment.

It felt like a slap in the face. I felt like I was failing to keep my shit together, somehow. I didn’t recognise myself and I didn’t like it one bit. I felt an unsettling sense of panic and fear that completely threw me, mostly because I couldn’t see where it was coming from.

I knew I had a choice about how to respond to those feelings. I certainly couldn’t (and shouldn’t) try to stop them coming up, that’s a losing game. I chose to give myself some space, to step away from the feelings, to share them with my husband and our counsellor…which helped me to shine a light on something that felt dark.

The truth is, everyone experiences stressful, anxious times in their lives.

No-one is immune. Tough, scary feelings and sleepless nights come round for all of us. We do have a choice about how we respond though, whether or not we give these experiences permission to be in charge.

For me, the first step in taking charge was understanding how stress and anxiety work & the impact they have on my health. Getting this straight helped to motivate me to make changes. It helped me to truly appreciate how much power I have in each moment.

There are so many simple, low tech (ie free!) tricks we can add to our toolbox. When we need them, we can dip in and choose one that helps us most. Sometimes, simply trusting that we have options and feeling less scared and overwhelmed is enough. It can give us space to breathe.

I’d love to share more of my stress and anxiety busting tricks with you.

Join me live (or watch the replay!) next Wednesday for an online webinar where I’ll share the easiest ways to support and nourish yourself so that stress and anxiety don’t rule. Take back your power and take charge of your fertility journey. (If you’ve never joined a webinar before, you’ll get to watch me live from the comfort of your sofa. No-one else can see you and you get to ask questions via our Private Circle on Facebook)