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Are you trying to conceive your first baby or grow your family? Are you dreaming of pregnancy and bringing a new baby into the world?

Is your fertility journey proving to be an exhausting one? Do the tests, late night research and medical appointments feel like a second job?

Does it feel like your body has betrayed you? Are you struggling with food choices?

Is communicating with those you love an uphill battle? Disappointment, inadequacy, fear and downright confusion might come along for the ride too.

I’ve been where you are. I know how it feels and I believe you don’t have to go it alone.

I believe you can THRIVE on your fertility journey

Read on to learn more

The Fertility Companion is a 6 week online programme, dedicated to supporting you on your fertility journey. The programme has already helped numerous women to prepare for fertility treatment.

When you sign up, you can access all of the resources, wisdom & reliable advice I have developed over 5 years of working with women and finding my own way through fertility treatment. The programme will help you on a number of levels.


The Fertility Companion is designed to

Optimise Your Fertility

food circle

 Access reliable, science based advice to support your body and optimise your fertility.

 Get real answers to all of your nutrition questions. Support your body in healing from PCOS, Endometriosis, Auto-Immune conditions and more…

 Explore simple yoga and easy, cutting edge mindfulness techniques to nourish your heart and soul and make space for your baby.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be useful and I promise, this will change how you think, feel and function every day.
Nourish Your Relationships

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 Learn to communicate your desires clearly and calmly with those you love. Find intimacy and connection with your partner. Feel safe in sharing your dreams and fears.

 Shift the dynamic with the medical professionals you have chosen to work with. Feel heard, take charge of your fertility journey.

 Feel empowered and in charge. Learn simple strategies for stress-free communication.

You deserve to feel nourished in your relationships and worthy of respect. You have a right to be on this path.
Build Resilience

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 Exhaustion, confusion, loneliness, fear, heartbreak, anger…they’re all normal emotions, you’re not alone. The Fertility Companion is here to support you, no matter what.

 Learn the tools you need to build resilience and emotional agility.

 Fear, confusion and worry may always come along for the ride, but they don’t have to be in the driving seat.

Join this kind, judgment free, supportive community. Nourish yourself, get fertility fit and take back your personal power.

Weekly modules include


Resources 1Action Guides
Resources 2Audio Exercises
Resources 3Recipes
Resources 4Video
Resources 5Resources
You can watch videos on your computer, tablet or phone and also download material to work through at your own pace. My wish for you is that your experience is easy & enjoyable. Whatever way you choose to access the information – as a couple, on your commute to work or from the comfort of your sofa, this material can work with you.

Who should register for The Fertility Companion programme?

The Fertility Companion is designed to support anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, lonely, angry or confused on the path of fertility investigation or treatment. This programme is for you if you are

  • facing fertility challenges and considering fertility investigations and treatment
  • already having fertility treatment, like IUI, IVF or ICSI and looking for holistic support on the journey
  • determined to optimise your chances of a successful healthy pregnancy without losing yourself to the process
  • worried about losing connection and intimacy with your loved ones
  • struggling to trust your own innate creativity and fertility
  • completely confused about what to eat and overwhelmed at the idea of preparing healthy, nourishing food.
The Fertility Companion may not be right for everyone, particularly if
  • you’re planning for a surrogate to carry your baby, this programme is most useful for those having treatment themselves
  • you don’t believe food has any impact on fertility
  • you’re unwilling to adjust your diet and lifestyle choices

What will I receive when I register?


  • 6 weeks of content, delivered directly to your inbox
  • Insight & education on underlying conditions that could be affecting your fertility
  • Menu plans & shopping lists that nourish
  • Audio guides & journalling exercises to build resilience and nourish communication

How will I learn?

The Fertility Companion course will be released in six easy-to-follow modules, delivered directly to your inbox.

Every Friday for 6 weeks you will receive access to content for the following week. I suggest you plan an hour or two each weekend to run through the content and purchase whatever food items you need to follow my recommendations for the week. Of course, you may choose take longer than a week for each module, it’s entirely up to you!


What are Ruth’s Clients Saying?

“With the gentlest of words Ruth has a unique gift and ability to address such a delicate subject… It is very clear that Ruth understands the situation in depth and tackles it, without direction, but from a place of support. More often than not, I realise, actually, it’s OK to feel how I feel and to think what I am thinking.

This is a safe space that has been created where all my emotions, the ups and downs, have value. Ruth reaches into your heart with love and humour (which let’s face it is needed!) and her words are relevant for all areas of life. It’s an honour to have crossed paths with this wonderful work.” Sarah, Canada

What Are my Options?


The Fertility Companion is now available as a self-study course, which you can download and work through on your own. I have reformatted the programme so that anyone can access these valuable resources, regardless of where you are in the world or how much you earn. I want as many women as possible to benefit from the resources I have built over the years and the price of €97 ensures that everyone who needs it can afford it.

Click on the button below to purchase the programme and register your details.


Your Enrollment Gives Back

Infertility is a disease, not a choice. Ruth is very aware that in Ireland (and many other countries) fertility treatment is not covered by most health insurance plans and is not available under government or health agency funding.  If you don’t have money in the bank or the capacity to borrow, treatment is quite simply not an option.  For many people facing infertility, this means they will never have children.

When you invest in your own health through The Fertility Companion programme, you’re also making a difference in providing access to fertility treatment, thanks to the work of the Irish charity Pomegranate.

With every enrollment, we proudly donate a portion of your fee to this meaningful organization. Pomegranate is dedicated to supporting those suffering from infertility, helping them to take a step further towards becoming a parent by helping to fund fertility treatment.

“Infertility is such a lonely struggle – you can feel like life is on hold indefinitely and nobody understands. Ruth McKenna’s programme is designed to offer support and guidance through this difficult time to enable you to make the most of life. As someone who has been through infertility, Ruth understands the highs and lows of Trying To Conceive.” Fiona McPhillips, Pomegranate