The Fertility Companion – Week 2


Welcome to Week 2 of The Fertility Companion. By now I hope you have worked your way through all of the resources I offered last week. If you haven’t, please be kind to yourself. It’s ok to take this at your own pace. You will be able to access the content from each week for as long as you need it, so there is no rush to tick every box.

As we begin Week 2, please watch the welcome video below and access the content for the week in the links underneath. You may choose to access this content several times over the week, please feel free to use it in a way that best suits you. Bookmark this page to make it easy to find what you need.

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This week I’m bringing your some nutrient dense, easy peasy snacks. It’s relatively easy to start the day with a solid breakfast, but what happens once you leave the house? Do questionable, quick fix snacks send you into a guilt spiral? Do caffeine and sugar ruin well-set plans? Having nourishing snacks to hand helps to keep you on track. Eating tasty food that also stabilises blood sugar levels, balances hormones and keeps you happy is the goal this week.

Click here for Fertility Boosting Snacks

We’ll continue the great work that you started last week with breakfast. You should have enough granola to keep you going into Week 2, but if you have fed your partner too, you may need to make a second batch. I’ve added a new recipe to the library, so have fun and work towards eating a substantial breakfast every morning.

Access the recipes by clicking on the image below.

Click here for Week 2 Breakfasts

This week, in addition to introducing new snacks, I’d like you to find a supplier of good quality organic or genuinely free range chickens. It’s not always easy to find these, so take your time and chat to local food producers and retailers. Ask what the animals are fed, how much time they spend outside, if they are routinely fed antibiotics… We’re looking for happy, outdoor chickens.

Below is a link to the recipe for a kick-ass home made chicken broth. It’s very easy to make and requires minimum attention as it simmers away for several hours. Plan to make it on a day you can be around the house (that may be next weekend and that’s ok!) You can make this with a whole chicken or raw carcasses. If you use a whole chicken, you will have plenty of meat which you can freeze for another time or start to add to lunches or evening meals.

Click here for Chicken Broth Recipe

I’m keeping things easy for you with a simple shopping list. No need to calculate quantities or work out portion sizes. Print off the list and bring it with you when you buy food this week. If you need to make more granola for breakfast, check your pantry and consult the optional items on the shopping list.

Click here for the shopping list


The video below guides you through a very safe and accessible yoga sequence. Wear something comfortable, light some candles and roll out your yoga mat to begin. I would suggest that you continue with the journalling exercise afterwards, as the two are connected. It might be helpful to do this practice a few times during the week, if you have time.

Once you’ve finished the yoga sequence above, find a comfortable, quiet spot for 10-20 minutes or so. Give yourself some time to work through the journalling exercise. This might be something you come back to a few times during the week. You may choose to use your own journal, or print off the pdf. Click on the image below to access it.

Click here for the Journalling Exercise


Communicating with fertility clinic staff can be quite tough. Knowing what to ask and what to expect is often a steep learning curve. This guide offers a starting point for some of the most important questions you need to ask, particularly if you are considering an IVF treatment cycle. If you’re on this journey with your partner, share the questions with him or her and chat about what other questions you have. Sometimes, having a starting point like this helps to bring up other areas of concern or worry for you. As you work through the questions, note other questions that come up for you and remember – YOU ARE THE CLIENT. THIS IS YOUR BODY AND YOUR JOURNEY.

Click here - Questions for the Clinic


I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the resources I have offered for this week. If you’re struggling with anything or want to share, pop into the Facebook Group and get chatting. I will pop in & out a few times during the week and you will get lots of support from others taking part too!