Here’s what people are saying about Ruth…

Sarah - Ottawa, Canada



With the gentlest of words Ruth has a unique gift and ability to address the delicate subject of fertility struggles… It is very clear that Ruth understands the situation in depth and tackles it, without direction, but from a place of support. More often than not, I realise, actually, it’s OK to feel how I feel and to think what I am thinking.

This is a safe space that has been created where all my emotions, the ups and downs, have value. Ruth reaches into your heart with love and humour (which let’s face it is needed!) and her words are relevant for all areas of life. It’s an honour to have crossed paths with this wonderful work.



Stephanie Risinger - Host of Holistic Fertility & Wellness Podcast



In Ruth’s Sanity Guide to Fertility Treatment and her online programme, she provides tools and information to nourish the body and the soul.  Ruth’s genuine spirit comes cross in everything she creates and it allows me to feel safe and comfortable to let my guard down and really engage.  Whether I’m taking the time to participate in one of the exercises in her programmes or I see that she has posted a new video in the private Facebook page, I’m eager to see what special thing Ruth has to say, as I know it will continue to help me along my journey.



Geraldine - Canada



Thanks for the sanity guide! I am really enjoying reading it. You know, this challenge comes when it feels as if life can’t stop and it’s hard to remind myself to nourish myself during this time, so it’s great to have a guide and a reminder to do so.


Fiona McPhillips - Founder of Pomegranate


Infertility is such a lonely struggle – you can feel like life is on hold indefinitely and nobody understands. Ruth McKenna’s programme is designed to offer support and guidance through this difficult time to enable you to make the most of life. As someone who has been affected by infertility, Ruth understands the highs and lows of Trying To Conceive


Gemma - Cork, Ireland


Ruth is the real deal. I decided to invest in a series of nutritional therapy consultations with Ruth to finally tackle hormone problems I had been experiencing for years. Ruth’s no nonsense approach helped me to understand that there were many things I didn’t know about food, stress and the effects on hormone balance. Not only have my hormones calmed down, I have more energy, my skin has improved, and I now understand how to achieve balanced hormones and optimal health.   I highly recommend working with Ruth, you won’t regret it.


Christina - Youghal, Ireland


I cannot recommend Ruth enough to anyone experiencing digestive issues. For years, I have felt unwell and visited numerous doctors but it wasn’t until I had a consultation with Ruth that I understood exactly why I was feeling this way. The knowledge and guidance Ruth provided was invaluable and I am truly thankful.


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