At the beginning of November I took on a 30 day Meditation Challenge with Kristoffer Carter at This Epic Life. He’s been quietly inspiring me for years, but it has taken me that long to commit to a daily meditation practice.

I decided I’d go all out and use the discipline of a meditation practice to cut out coffee and alcohol completely.  I thought it would be excruciatingly hard.  It wasn’t. When December rolled ’round, I thought, “Hey, why not stick with this routine? It’s working and I feel great!”

This week, I broke my unblemished run. I went to (the most perfect) local pub with my husband and had several pints of the best creamy Guinness that you can get in Dublin.  We sat together at the bar. We laughed, chatted about our work, politics, family. We soaked up the gentle hum of chatter around us. We connected.

I chose to go, I chose to drink. I feel no shame.

I know that the best professional advice will say it’s wise to cut out alcohol completely when trying to conceive. Hell, if I was asked for my professional opinion, I would say ‘Cut it out! It’s only for a short time and it’s worth doing, to ensure the best possible start for new life.’ Of course, you may choose to follow that advice to the letter and if you do, more power to you.

Je ne regrette rien (3)

If you don’t follow that advice and like me, you choose to have a few drinks with your lover, your partner or your best friend, does that mean you’ve failed? Is there a blemish on your perfect life? Should you feel ashamed, guilty, unhealthy, unworthy? I don’t believe so.  I intend to revert back to my ‘no booze’ policy and stick to it over Christmas. However, I may choose again, to have a few drinks with my husband because sometimes getting out of the house and retreating to a quiet pub together is a powerful tonic. Perfection is, as the wonderful Liz Gilbert would say, fear dressed up in fancy shoes. What am I afraid of, when I insist on being perfect? If I make every choice with integrity and authenticity, then there are no mistakes, there are no bad decisions.

Whatever it is that you love to do to relax and stay connected with your tribe, maybe it’s worth doing even if on the face of things, it’s not desirable or healthy. What do you think? Do you have any habits that you’ve kicked to the kerb but might benefit from including sometimes?


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