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The Fertility Companion, as an online offering, is a complete course in itself. Several times a year, Ruth offers a more in-depth personalised retreat, where participants benefit from face to face support, connection with The Fertility Companion community, intimate yoga sessions and true pampering for body & mind.

Are you in need of some true pampering?

Curious about a retreat, offering a safe space to reflect, to share, where you can truly be yourself?

Feel the need to discard the ‘Everything’s fine’ mask and find new ways to communicate?

Eager to learn more about how to nourish your body and mind and get fertility fit?

The Fertility Companion retreat is for you.

Imagine, incredibly comfy beds for the best night’s sleep. Imagine, roaring fires, flickering candles and hot cups of tea. Imagine, gentle, nourishing yoga and restorative massage. Imagine, taking time to breathe in fresh air and exhale everything you’re holding inside.

The Fertility Companion retreats are for you. They are dedicated to utter relaxation and pampering. They are safe, private spaces to let yourself be seen. They are guided introductions to reconnection – with yourself, with your journey, with each other.

Each retreat is focused entirely on your needs. The Fertility Companion experience is designed to support your very personal journey through fertility treatment and give you face-to-face support and tools to take home.

Each day is created with your wellbeing in mind. Gentle morning yoga, delicious breakfasts and rambles in the great outdoors begin the day. There will be shared meals, space for private chats and time to rest, guilt free.

Think beautiful oasis of calm. Think pampering. Think laughter and fireside chats.

Think beautiful oasis of calm. Think pampering. Think laughter and fireside chats.

Dates and prices will be announced soon…

If you’d like to register your interest for future retreats, you can contact Ruth via the Contact page

Happy Clients...

“I highly recommend attending a class – I guarantee that you will learn a lot and have fun in the process!”
~ Hanna, Yoga Student