About Ruth

ruth-circleI’m Ruth McKenna and I am living proof that it’s possible to navigate the world of fertility investigations and treatment, without losing your mind or your partner.

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Certified NLP Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher and have been working in the holistic health field for almost 10 years.

I’ve been where you are.  I know how lonely, disheartening and confusing fertility treatment can be.  I always imagined that fertility challenges were something faced by other people, but I am one of those people. I am the 1 in 6 people in Ireland affected by infertility.

I created The Fertility Companion from my desire to share with you how I evolved to thrive while navigating the challenging path of fertility treatment.  I am passionate about making this journey a healthy and happy one for anyone who chooses to take it.


The Fertility Companion is designed to support the disconnected tribe of people who go on this journey, often alone or isolated. I want to connect you, so you can support each other and I want to offer my support to anyone going on this rollercoaster journey.

My programme integrates cutting edge scientific research and a holistic mind-body approach that I myself use and have used when coaching people privately.  This programme is designed to support you if you are undergoing IVF treatment, ICSI, IUI or more natural assisted conception.  I am excited to offer The Fertility Companion online to a global community.

My goal is to help you to optimise your fertility so that you have the best possible chance of becoming a parent.

I want you to feel nourished in your relationships – not just with your partner, but with the staff who care for you in the fertility clinic, with your family and friends.

I want to support you so that the overwhelm and fear of what might be ahead takes a back seat on this journey. Whether or not you choose to join me on The Fertility Companion course, you can connect with me via my blog, on Facebook or Twitter and benefit from the freely available advice and tips I share there.


Join me on The Fertility Companion 6 week course, where I will teach you how to thrive whatever the outcome of your treatment. I will guide the way: sharing with you the most effective fertility boosting & stress busting nourishment, offering practical tools that you can use to feel safe and supported and guiding you through yoga and simple mindfulness techniques to build resilience and fertility fitness.

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Professional Bio

Ruth McKenna is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Designer (BDes Hons, DipNT, CertNLP, mNTOI, RYT) based in Dublin, Ireland. She has straddled two very different worlds of design and holistic health for almost 20 years and in that time has worked as a project manager, interior designer, kitchen designer & consultant, offering training to businesses and personal clients. Ruth is a passionate cook and yogi. She loves to work with groups and has a particular talent for engaging large groups in discussions around all manner of topics.

Following her personal experience with fertility investigations and treatment, Ruth decided to build an online programme, The Fertility Companion. This programme is dedicated to supporting those on a similar journey, so that they can optimise their fertility, nourish their personal relationships and calm the fear & overwhelm that often come along for the ride. After a number of years of investigations and treatment, Ruth has chosen to step back from fertility treatment and currently does not see clients on a one to one basis. Her self guided programme can be purchased here

Ruth has written for a number of health magazines and industry newsletters. She was recently featured in a Cara Magazine  article ‘The Homecoming’ following her decision to return to Ireland after a 2 year stint in Sweden. She has also been a guest on the American Holistic Fertility & Wellness Podcast, hosted by Stephanie Risinger. She has also appeared as a designer on RTE’s Beyond The Hall Door. Ruth lives in Dublin with her husband John.